Made: Red Planter Bench from scrap wood

Lately there has been no shortage of scrap wood in my neighborhood.  It seems like every week someone has been hauling old falling apart dressers or other scraps to the street.  This week I pulled out some scrap and built a bench with it…

This is the finished product…

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Made: Southwestern shirt #2

I’ve made it my goal to make my own summer clothes.  This mainly came about because I wanted to wear southwestern styles and couldn’t find any while shopping thrift stores.  The ones I did find were way out of my price range.  I’m trying to perfect this tshirt design.  I was really aiming for something more loose and flowy, but I definitely learned from my mistakes making this t-shirt.  One, I forgot to preshrink the tshirt fabric.  Two, my machine is just not capable of sewing this project and I did it anyway.  Three, I forgot to glue the design on the front before I machine stitched it on, which made it a little crooked.  Nonetheless, I have a wearable tshirt and have gotten plenty of compliments on it the last two days.

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Pottery Trailer

This pottery trailer is located on S. Congress next to The Snack Bar.  They have some really pretty stuff.   I liked these bowls a lot.  They would have helped back in the day when I lived out of my suitcase.

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Wishlist: New outfit

Sweater from Roseabove


High-waisted jeans from DirtyVintage


Keds Grasshoppers from tbone4life

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Project: Southwestern Clothes

I want to make some southwestern clothing for the summer time. I bought some bright blue, hot pink, and electric yellow fabric to create a triangular design for the front of some tshirts. I’m thinking white tshirts – blue, pink, yellow triangles – outlined in black stitching. What do you think? Maybe some funky headbands to go with it.

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Ideas: Thur 3/24

Life has been pretty busy lately.  Between SXSW and work, I haven’t had a lot of time to put into creative ideas.  With that being said, I want to look back at some of the learning opportunities that I’ve not made time to pursue yet…

  1. Train 35mm project
  2. Learning 35mm camera
  3. Zumba class on Monday nights
  4. Acting class on Monday nights
  5. Jazz dance class on Wednesday night
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Technorati… or something like that

Since I’m pretty much the only one reading this blog, I’ll just post the validation code here: BJQ2SGV5AAYK

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Inspiration: Peg and Awl

If I had a wishlist of things I’d like to be able to make someday, it would look a lot like the creations of Margeaux and Walter Kent.  Beautiful craftsmanship and so much attention to detail. 

In these videos they transform an old floor from a hardwood shop into beautiful pieces of furniture and housewares:

Awesome tub caddy.  Which gives me so many ideas for a line of “nook tables.”

Awesome garden swing, wide enough to fit two people.  I love how clunky it is.

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Ideas: Thursday, Mar 17 7:00AM

It’s probably too early to be thinking about aprons and bow ties, or much less the coupling of these items for a his and her set, nonetheless that’s what I’m thinking about.  I have some really awesome rooster fabric I’ve been wanting to use for a long time. 

Also I saw these really cool birch wall hooks on Etsy toady.  I’d like to replicate them in my own style, maybe from oak. 

That’s all I have so far.

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Update: Wooden Ale on Etsy

Brian and I have worked really hard towards getting this shop opened before SXSW this weekend and it has paid off.  Check us out at:

We’ll be posting new stuff all this week. 

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